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Whether you feel all alone and estranged from your family, are dealing with a DUI, or are caught in the spiral of opiate addiction, we can help you regain control over your life. Our comprehensive array of services are delivered by caring, compassionate professionals, many of whom have walked in your shoes and now walk the path of recovery. Call us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Comprehensive and Caring

Our teams of compassionate, experienced addiction professionals support all stages of the problem—whether you are actively using, need detox or intensive residential or outpatient treatment, or seek mental health or marital counseling after long-term recovery.

I just wanted to thank you for having my daughter in your facility. Today I spoke to her as I had not for a long time. She has a lot of strength in her voice and I know it is due to what she is getting at Evergreen.
Family Member
I can’t thank you enough for what you have done to help me and others on the road to recovery. I entered detox after having gone from prescription tranquilizers to methadone, painkillers, and smoking heroin. I was down to 115 pounds from not eating or sleeping and was overwhelmed with anxiety and depression. You arranged treatment for me and today I have over one year clean and sober and my life is on track again.
Former Patient
I was out of hope. I had just lost my second child to CPS and I couldn’t see a way to stop doping and failing. Finally someone helped me find Evergreen’s PPW program. I am now sober, have both my kids living with me and am working a full time job. Honestly if you had told me I could be living this kind of life I wouldn’t have believed you. Evergreen really cares about families and mine is together because of them.
Former Patient
I finally realized I was the problem. 100%. And it was hurting my son and girlfriend a lot. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it and I am now the father I always wanted to be. Evergreen helped me realize that my addiction was the core problem in my life and I was going to lose everything I loved most. I went to their Intensive Outpatient program and I am now a year and a half sober and I just started a new NA meeting in my town. Sobriety is possible and treatment works. I am proof of that.
Former Patient
I have sent my child to three different detox facilities and I had to go back the next day at one of them because it was so terrible. What a different story at Evergreen! Their staff is professional and the facility is incredibly clean and safe. It’s in a neighborhood setting and my son was given the best medical care I’ve seen. And had counseling there so he was able to get into residential treatment at Evergreen too! I haven’t seen my son off drugs since he was 14 and I can’t believe the change in him. God Bless you Evergreen. I see a future for my kid now. Something none of us thought possible six-months ago.
Family Member
My kids are the reason I decided to get clean. I’ve been doing drugs since I was 15 and only stopped when I was pregnant but I couldn’t stay sober. The state took my kids away and I finally realized that I had to get into treatment. Evergreen is a great place. The counselors really care and so did the staff. The food was good and the bedrooms were clean and it was safe.  The childcare staff was amazing. Even the neighbors helped out and donated Christmas gifts for all the kids and moms  in treatment which felt  great. I felt like I mattered. I got transitional housing which meant me and my kids didn’t have to sleep in cars or couches until we got a real home. My daughter has special needs and I was taught how to care for her. I know that I can be the mother I want to be.
Former Patient
Evergreen is the real deal. My counselor was great. He understood where I had been and worked with me around the trauma that kept me doing drugs. I feel like I have a chance again.
Former Patient
I am Muslim and I was very well treated at Legacy Lodge. I can finally talk to my family again and they are beginning to understand what addiction really is. I feel  close to my spirituality and religion again and not lost in addiction. I have been in treatment many times but this time it worked. I am so glad I found this place.
Former Patient

Why Choose Evergreen Recovery Centers?

We Inspire Recovery

Not everyone needing help is contemplating change. Many have lost hope that change is even possible. Evergreen Recovery Centers is committed to providing a caring, safe space for persons at any stage in the disease of addiction. Our caring, nonjudgmental case managers—many whom have lived experience—recognize that recovery is a process, not an event.   

Physical and Mental Health Support

The stigma and shame associated with addiction as well as the cognitive impairment associated with substance use are major barriers to our patients receiving essential medical and mental health services. To improve accessibility, we offer a variety of preventive, acute health care services onsite at our treatment facilities, including both physical and mental health counseling as part of the treatment plan.

Evidence-Based Care

Our programs work because they address the unique needs of each person, at whatever stage of recovery they are in. Individuals participate in the development of their treatment plans and we strive to employ strategies that address each person’s uniqueness, from gender, culture, and ethnicity to their stage of recovery.

Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities Accredited

Evergreen Recovery Centers’ behavioral health programs are accredited by CARF for integrated alcohol/drug and mental health services, demonstrating innovative, evidence-based services and commitment to applying continuing quality improvement practices to our operations.

Access to Treatment

Evergreen has many options available to help get you or your loved one back on the right track. We work with most major insurance plans as well as Apple Health to ensure our patients have the care they need.