Our Men’s Residential Substance Use Disorder and Behavioral Health Treatment Program at Legacy Lodge offers a comprehensive residential program designed to specifically address the needs of men ages 18 and over who are suffering from substance use disorders.

Full recovery from addiction can be complicated by other problems such as PTSD and trauma history. Men also often face challenges with economic self-sufficiency, physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence, and the challenges of family and parenting. At Legacy Lodge we address these issues and other physical and mental health issues to help men achieve lifelong recovery and to avoid relapse.

Evergreen’s Legacy Lodge program addresses male socialization, stereotypes, and the unique relational needs of men. Our programs teach our patients how to express their thoughts and feelings to heal from past trauma, and teach life and family skills and coping techniques to build/rebuild healthy relationships, succeed in mainstream society, and maintain long-term recovery after discharge.

Legacy Lodge provides a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment in a comfortable, family-style residence. Our multi-disciplinary clinical staff of experienced addiction counselors, mental health therapists, and healthcare professionals are dedicated to helping each resident identify his own unique strengths. Our treatment program helps patients practice life, work, and parenting skills to achieve total health, wellness, and long-term recovery.

Our programming integrates addiction treatment, mental health counseling, and physical health services to provide whole health, full-continuum care. We accept or prescribe for persons with medications for opioid use disorders and facilitate access to local methadone providers.

This intensive residential program includes education, treatment groups, and individual counseling throughout the day. Length of stay is up to 90 days, based on an individualized treatment plan and the pace of progress toward recovery goals.

Our integrated approach to wellness and recovery utilizes a variety of tools including:

  • Trauma-informed, gender-sensitive curricula (Helping Men Recover)
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Anger management and DV
  • Life skills training
  • Meditation and exercise programs
  • Family education and parenting
  • Couples counseling
  • Onsite self-help meetings
  • Comprehensive discharge planning and housing assistance
  • Alumni outpatient continuing care

Admission Details:

  • ASAM Level 3.5 or 3.3 treatment
  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Smokers and psych medications accepted
  • Apple Health/Medicaid and Insurance accepted
  • Integrated psychological health and nursing

What to Bring

Download a list of what to bring with you to Legacy Lodge.


I am Muslim and I was very well treated at Legacy Lodge. I can finally talk to my family again and they are beginning to understand what addiction really is. I feel  close to my spirituality and religion again and not lost in addiction. I have been in treatment many times but this time it worked. I am so glad I found this place.

Former Patient

Going to Legacy Lodge has helped me get off the streets. I love treatment. It saved my life and made my neighborhood safer.

Former Patient

Without my time at Legacy Lodge I would never had stood a chance of making a new life. It was the difference between life and death. Making recovery happen was to give my son a father again. A father who is CLEAN AND SOBER! Without help in the early stages of sobriety, my chances at sobriety and staying out of jail was zero.

Former Patient