Over the past 50 years, Evergreen Recovery Centers has developed highly individualized approaches to addressing alcohol and drug problems and any mental health issues that may accompany substance use. We have on-staff medical providers to help with medications that assist in recovery from opioids and other substance use disorders, as well as providing psychiatric medications when there are co-occurring mental health conditions.

Beginning Recovery

Whether your needs include medical detoxification to start withdrawal from alcohol and drugs or an assessment to identify appropriate treatment options, we can help.

Our Services 

Withdrawal Management (Detoxification)

We offer medical withdrawal management (detoxification), with medical and nursing staff providing medications to help reduce withdrawal effects from alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, and polysubstance dependence. Our program offers a safe, nonjudgmental environment available to all in need, regardless of income.

Outpatient Treatment

For many, treatment can be completed on an outpatient basis. Group and individual counseling sessions are available to fit your needs and work hours. Our staff of counselors are all specialized in addiction recovery, including substance use disorder professionals, mental health therapists, and health care professionals, and are prepared to address any concurrent psychological or medical concerns and medication management.

Health Services

Evergreen offers whole person, evidence-based and trauma-informed integrated services for persons with substance use disorders and co-occurring health challenges. Our low-barrier program provides comprehensive primary health care for our patients with psychiatric and medical conditions.

Deferred Prosecution and Diversion

When facing legal proceedings, considering a deferred prosecution, or needing Alcohol and Drug Information School (ADIS), our programs can help. We also provide outreach and case management services for law enforcement referrals through LEAD Case Management and recovery navigation services.  

Pregnant and Parenting Women’s Residential and Therapeutic Day Care

Our long-term residential program for pregnant mothers or mothers with children allows women to begin addiction treatment during pregnancy and bring their children to treatment with them. Both mother and child receive integrated addiction, parenting, and mental health services to give the whole family a strong therapeutic foundation.

Men’s Residential Treatment

Legacy Lodge is a gender-specific residential program tailored to address the needs of adult men with substance use disorders and mental health challenges. Our 60-90 day program addresses trauma in a safe and supportive environment that is highly successful with persons who have prior unsuccessful treatment experiences.

Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP) – King and Pierce Counties

Our award-winning home visitation case management services for pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders; PCAP helps women raise healthy families and prevent future births of children with prenatal alcohol or drug exposure.

Drug Screening

We provide drug screening services for employers, landlords, family members, and a variety of other situations. Our collection program in downtown Everett offers convenient, affordable, and confidential sample processing.


“I know what it feels like to be at rock bottom but I also know how good it feels knowing that I didn’t stay there. I didn’t give up and that wouldn’t have been possible without treatment and all the counselors and staff that were there every step of the way.”

Former Patient

“I needed treatment to be successful in my life and to provide me the chance to get healthy. After I started treatment I found I could change and I became the person I wanted to be and started to take care of myself.”

Former Patient

“Evergreen Recovery Centers helps so many people straighten out their lives. If not for Evergreen I would be stealing and sleeping in the street…Going to treatment helps people like me who are drug addicts but otherwise good people and parents. Going through treatment let me lead an active and productive life and be a member of society again.”

Former Patient