Over the past 50 years Evergreen Recovery Centers has developed highly individualized approaches to addressing alcohol and drug problems and any mental health issues that may accompany substance use. We meet individuals where they are at, which means the beginning of the recovery process may begin with withdrawal management or an assessment to identify treatment options.

Withdrawing from Alcohol and Drugs

If starting withdrawal from alcohol and/or drugs, medical detoxification is often needed before treatment options can be considered.  A quick screen by our staff will determine if admission is needed and if so, arrange a time to admit—usually the same day.  Located in a quiet residential area of Lynnwood, our medically monitored withdrawal management program can ease the discomfort of withdrawal, conduct assessments during the stay, and arrange residential treatment upon discharge.

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Before Starting Treatment

If there are not emergent medical issues requiring detox, an assessment with a professional addiction professional is the first step. A comprehensive assessment can help determine the extent of an alcohol or drug problem and identify appropriate treatment options, including approval by your health plan. Based on the results of the professional assessment, our counselor will provide a recommendation on whether outpatient or residential treatment is needed and the recommended course of treatment, as well as a list of convenient treatment options. We can often arrange transportation, provide child care, and even pay for housing for those who meet financial eligibility.

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Evergreen Recovery Centers provides outpatient, residential, and withdrawal management services that are accessible, affordable, and evidence-based. We are contracted to serve members of all Medicaid Apple Health plans and most commercial insurance. 

Our staff will assist in obtaining health plan authorization, applying for Medicaid if you are uninsured, or making payment arrangements, including sliding scale fees when eligible. Some of the plans we regularly provide services for include:

Community Resources

Every recovery journey is different, but no matter your route, there are many organizations that want to help you succeed through learning, community building, and other types of personal and group support.

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National  Resources