Women with substance use disorders no longer must choose between treatment and their children. Whether pregnant or parenting, Evergreen Manor Family Services Center, operated by Evergreen Recovery Centers, has served more than 2,000 mothers with its unique, research-based program that blends treatment for substance use disorders and mental health conditions, with prenatal and perinatal care for the mother. At the same time, our unique intensive parenting and child services provide the children with stimulating early learning experiences.

  • Pregnant women can give their infants a healthy start in life by entering treatment early in their pregnancy, receiving substance use disorder treatment and prenatal health care, giving birth in a quality local hospital, and returning to treatment after the birth with their child.
  • Mothers with young children enjoy private, family-size units for themselves as well as their children, and access to our holistic family services of individual, group, and family counseling as well as intensive parenting and infant mental health counseling.
  • Our licensed day care care for infants and children under school age while mom is engaged in her own treatment services. The Early Achievers child care center is staffed by early education teachers specialized in perinatal substance effects, parent coaching, assessment, and programming for developmental delays.
  • The child care program and infant mental health counseling provide our residential children a nurturing and stimulating start in life.

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“I wanted hope for my family. 30 days of treatment was never enough for me. I know that a 6-month treatment plan sounds scary, but it is so amazing because you get enough time and tools to at least try a new life. Today life is worth living and even when it’s hard, it’s not as hard as being an active addict. I honestly believe that I belong in a sober life.”

Former Patient

“My kids are the reason I decided to get clean. I’ve been doing drugs since I was 15 and only stopped when I was pregnant but I couldn’t stay sober. The State took my kids away and I finally realized that I had to get into treatment.  Evergreen is a great place. The counselors really care and so did the staff.  The food was good and the bedrooms were clean and it was safe. The childcare staff was amazing! Even the neighbors helped out and donated Christmas gifts for all the kids and moms in treatment, which felt great. I felt like I mattered. I got transitional housing which meant I didn’t have to sleep in cars or couches until we got a real home. My daughter has special needs and I was taught how to care for her. I know that I can be the mother I want to be.”

Former Patient

Because of treatment here I have been clean for 3 years now. I have gone back to school and have received my certification in medical billing and coding and will be going back again to obtain my SUDP and a BA in Human Resources. Without treatment I wouldn’t be in school—I’d be 6 feet under and my two kids wouldn’t have a mom.”

Former Patient

Mothers Recovery Program

We help our residents to become strong and confident mothers in addition to establishing a lasting recovery. “Mom is the best medicine” is our motto, and we ensure a stigma-free environment to support, not shame. Most women complete 6 months in residence and often continue in our aftercare program specifically for women.

While all women at Evergreen Manor must have a substance use disorder to be here, we prepare to also address co-occurring trauma and mental health conditions, most commonly anxiety, depression, domestic violence, and sexual abuse, addressed by our multidisciplinary staff of addiction and mental health professionals and peer support counselors. The facility is located in a quiet residential area in Everett, WA, where our neighbors are supportive and caring.

Program components include:

  • Alcohol and drug education
  • Parenting skills education and coaching
  • Mental health counseling
  • Infant mental health counseling
  • Family and marital counseling
  • Individual and group counseling
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Seeking Safety and relationships
  • Smoking cessation
  • 12-step meetings on-site
  • Domestic violence victim support
  • Family planning

Therapeutic Child Care and Early Learning Program

While moms are active in treatment services during the day, their children receive developmentally-appropriate care in our on-site, licensed therapeutic childcare facility. Low staff-to-child ratios allow us to give focused early childhood education, positive guidance/positive redirection, and behavioral management. We offer infant classroom for infants up to 1 year of age, and multi-age classrooms for children one year to five years. 

The daily routines in child care include:

  • Observed interactive parenting
  • Individual infant care including floor exercises and “tummy time”
  • Infant Basics American Sign Language with low staff-to-child ratios
  • Self-help and social skills
  • Outside play
  • Sensory integration
  • Emergent curriculum
  • Cognitive activities
  • Small and gross motor skill development
  • Referrals for specialized services
  • Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ-3 and ASQ:SE-2)

 Infant Mental Health Services

A child’s secure attachment to a primary caregiver is the biggest predictor of long-term social and emotional well-being. This critical attachment process begins at birth. Infant Mental Health Specialists at Evergreen Manor help young children (prenatal-5) and their caregivers bond, create secure attachment relationships, and ultimately develop attachment capabilities for the child that will transfer to all relationships over the child’s lifetime. 

This program focuses on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional capacity building, and therapeutic adult-child interactions and relationships, with an emphasis on meeting the needs of the whole child. Services include: dyadic parent-child therapy; individual, family and group parent training; education; counseling and support; referrals to other supportive community resources.

Infant Mental Health Specialists will work with Mom to:

  • Build your sense of competence and confidence as a parent. 
  • Promote a mutually enjoyable relationship and a stronger bond and connection between you and your child.
  • Explore your hopes for your baby and your anxieties of becoming a mother.
  • Learn together about your child, how to read their cues and understand their needs.
  • Reflect on the social and emotional needs of both you and your child and work to meet those needs.
  • Learn together how to make meaning of and manage big emotions and difficult behaviors of toddlers and preschoolers.                       
  • Provide information and anticipatory guidance on early childhood development to help you prepare for the next milestone and regression.
  • Learn strategies for managing parenting stress.
  • Assist with the transition process of reunification when the child has been in foster care.

Family Program

Our weekend Family Program encourages spouses, partners, parents, grandparents, and others close to the resident to strengthen their relationships by becoming educated about addiction and the recovery process. The program also provides family and couples counseling on a limited basis.

Note: Due to COVID-19 some services are virtual and the Family Program may be temporarily on hold.

Admission Details

Please note our program is smoke and tobacco-free, and residents must be able to go up and down stairs until our new residence is completed in Spring 2023.

  • We welcome women on medication-assisted treatment (MAT – we will transport to a local methadone program) and stabilized on psychiatric medications.
  • Medicaid Apple Health is accepted. We will assist with exploring payment with commercial insurance and private payment can be arranged.
  • ASAM Level 3.5 or 3.3 with expectation of length of stay of 180 days.
  • For more information on admission, call (425) 322-0875.

What to Bring

Download a PDF to discover what you can and cannot bring to our residential treatment program for mothers in Everett, WA.