Medical Withdrawal Management and Detox Service

Evergreen Recovery Centers’ detox facility offers a safe and comfortable alternative to emergency rooms and hospitals for persons with a substance use disorder who need medical withdrawal management. We now accept adolescents from ages 13-17, no insurance necessary.

Our medical, nursing, counseling, and support staff pride themselves on creating a stigma-free experience in our state-of-the-art facility. With medical protocols that apply evidence-based practices, our medical professionals help manage the uncomfortable—and often life-threatening—symptoms associated with withdrawal. Substance use disorder and mental health counselors help our patients navigate the next steps after completing withdrawal to enter treatment and continue recovery.

Located in a quiet Lynnwood residential area (get directions), we offer privacy to our patients during their stay. Our staff’s efforts to provide quality treatment and connection to the client result in over 90% our patients reporting high or highest satisfaction with the service.


“I have sent my child to three different detox facilities and I had to go back the next day at one of them because it was so terrible. What a different story at Evergreen! Their staff is professional and the facility is incredibly clean and safe. It’s in a neighborhood setting and my son was given the best medical care I’ve seen.”

Family Member

“I went to inpatient and learned a lot about how drugs affected my body, lungs, brain, kidneys, and liver, and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I also quit smoking cigarettes. This program really helps! It saves lives.”

Former Patient

I needed to go into detox. It provided me with the treatment I needed to wean off all the drugs and alcohol in my system. After that I got onto MAT and then I was able to stay in treatment. I love that Evergreen is a full-service place.”

Former Patient

Is Detox Needed?

A rapid decrease or abrupt discontinuation of addictive substances can create physical and emotional distress in the body. With certain drugs, especially alcohol or benzodiazepines, there can be life-threatening complications impacting the heart and respiratory systems;  admission to a medical detox facility is recommended. Withdrawal from opiates, although not life-threatening, can be made more tolerable with medically supervised care and Evergreen can also provide medications to support the recovery process temporarily or long-term.

Evergreen Recovery Centers nurses and doctors are available 24-hours a day to:

  1. Assist individuals to safely and humanely withdraw from mood-altering substances, utilizing helpful tools, including medications and acupuncture.
  2. Prepare the individual for ongoing treatment through on site counselors and case workers with expertise in next steps and long-term rehabilitation.
  3. Provide induction to medications that will assist in establishing recovery.
  4. Treat acute infections and health conditions needing medical attention.
  5. Create a discharge plan, as beds are available, to assist persons to pursue treatment after discharge from detox.

Affordable Care

At about half the cost of hospital detoxification, Evergreen Recovery Centers offers an affordable alternative, delivered by addiction specialists who understand the struggle and offer supportive, compassionate care to persons struggling with substance use disorders. 

We accept all Apple Health Medicaid plans as well as most private insurance. Our staff will work with your health plan(s) in advance and throughout your stay to assure you get coverage for an adequate length of stay for your stage of the disease and complicating conditions. Our staff will also assist persons currently without health insurance to enroll in Apple Health prior to or during your stay. Private payment arrangements may be made with credit card pre-payment. For more information on arranging admission, contact our admissions staff at (425) 405-3775 weekdays.

What to Expect

Our medically monitored ASAM Level 3.7-WM detox program is staffed 24-hours a day by ARNPs, RNs, addiction counselors, and caring support staff. We are a non-smoking facility, so smokers will be provided with nicotine replacement patches during their stay.

Medical withdrawal management requires a minimum of 5-6 days, with extended stays as clinically appropriate. Persons using benzodiazepines or with serious medical conditions should plan on 6 to 12 days. Patients may bring with them personal medications that are non-narcotic, physician-prescribed, and in the original container with the individual’s name and appropriate labeling and are approved by the attending health care practitioner.

We provide 3 meals and 24 hour access to nutritious food and drinks. Please advise in advance at time of arranging admission if you have allergies or special dietary needs so we can plan to accommodate those.

Plan for Treatment after Detox

Detoxification is intended to provide a safe environment to remove drugs from the body but is not in itself “treatment.” Patients have a high rate of relapse if there is not long-term planning and more intensive drug education and counseling. Most who have tried to quit on their own fail. The highest rate of recovery and freedom from addiction is achieved when detoxification is followed by a full course of substance use disorder treatment. Our staff work with each patient to educate them about treatment options, provide assessments and make arrangements for a seamless transfer to a residential facility, opiate MAT program, or outpatient treatment facility after completing withdrawal or detox. 

Evergreen has a variety of treatment options in Northwest Washington that build upon detox and offer seamless transfer from withdrawal management: 

Need More Information?

If you have any questions about our withdrawal management program or are looking at admission, please call (425) 405-3775 7 days a week or

(425) 678-1390 after 5:30 PM daily, or email us by clicking below.

Detox Admission

To inquire about bed availability, please call (425) 405-3775.

  • We no accept adolescents from ages 13-17, no insurance necessary.
  • If a bed is immediately available, a nurse will complete a pre-screening assessment with you and arrange an admission time. The nurse will also advise you of items you may or may not bring with you to detox.
  • To enhance patient care, we stagger admissions throughout the day. Please note we will not hold a bed if you do not arrive at your pre-scheduled time.
  • Length of stay is typically 5 to 6 days, so plan accordingly. If you are planning withdrawal around an arranged treatment admission date, we will work with you to coordinate your detox admission and discharge dates with your scheduled treatment admission.

We aim to provide immediate or same-day admission. However, when demand for our limited beds is high and availability is out a number of days, we will offer alternative options and/or admission dates or provide appropriate alternative resources to assist in an emergent situation.

No Visitors or Calls

Detox is a short but intensive experience, physically and emotionally. It is a time to focus only on yourself, without outside distractions. Therefore, cell phones, personal phone calls, and visitations are not allowed during the detox stay.

No Smoking

Our campus is smoke-free. Smokers will be given the option of nicotine patches.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and confidentiality is strictly upheld by all staff members during your stay. We will not release any information to anyone, including family members who dropped the person off, without a signed authorization for that individual. The patient has the right to revoke an authorization at any time, and when that happens, we cannot continue sharing information.

What to Bring with You for In-Patient Detoxification Services

Evergreen Recovery Centers has adopted a new personal belongings procedure to reduce loss of patient items, improve infection control standards, and decrease intake processing time for direct patient care. A comprehensive search of your personal belongings is completed upon admission.